Best Honey in Italy and the Mediterranian - Winners Announced

The results are in from the national competition, “Roberto Franci” (English Translation) promoted by the 34th “Honey Week” festival in Montalcino, Italy, that ran from September 10 to 12, 2010.

34th Week of Honey Montalcino

Honey from Italy and (for the first time) other countries in the Mediterranean, are judged by a panel of professional tasters, including experts form Spain, Portugal, Greece and Malta, expert in the sensory analysis of honey. Judging is based upon hygiene, cleanliness, color, aroma and taste. To qualify, honeys are also subject to a preliminary chemical analysis.


  1. 1st place: ” Corbezzolo – Strawberry Tree Honey ” ( Score: 96.6 out of 100 )
    Ancient Beekeeping Gallurese of Dr Porcu Peter Paul & C s.n.c. — Provence of Gallura, Sardinia, Italy (English Translation)
  2. 2nd place: ” Millefiori – Wildflower Honey ” ( Score: 95.1 )
    Florapi of William Giuliano — Maranola, province of Latina, Lazio region, Italy (English Translation)
  3. 3rd place: ” Chestnut – Chestnut Honey “( Score: 93.9)
    Azienda Agricola Andrea D’ Orlando — Provence of Udine, Friuli Venzia Giulia region, Italy)
  4. Best Foreign Honey:
    ” Carrubo – Carob Honey ” ( Score: 87.0 )
    Charles Camilleri — Mgarr, Malta

More on the winners;
Gold: The prized Strawberry Tree honey from Sardina with its unmistakable amber-toned gray-green color, pungent odor and very bitter characteristic taste: a product reserved for honey connoisseurs and gourmets.
Silver: Wildflower (Millefiori), from the sweet and fragrant wildflowers of the Natural Park of Aurunci Lazio
Bronze: Chestnut honey, representative of the best Bel Paese honeys, collected in the Friuli Venezia Giulia.
Best non-Italian honey: Carob honey from a plant that grows naturally in the Mediterranean basin – from the island country of Malta, and may reach up to 500 years old.

Siena Grosseto Arezzo Beekeepers Association – Organizers of Honey Week and the ‘Roberto Franci” National Competition (English Translation)

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  • andrew wiber

    We are in desparate need / requirement for 10,000 + Honey Comb Rounds approx. weight 200 – 240g ?? We have tried all over Canada and Northern USA with no luck ??? Any suggestions ?????

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