Indiana State Fair - A Palette of Honey

Delicious local honey is usually found during a pleasant drive in the country to visit a local market or roadside stand. But honey found this way offers little diversity of flavor as it comes from within a limited area. I wondered if I could get a wider selection at a state fair. I decided to […]

Parasitic Fly Implicated in Honey Bee Colony Collapse Disorder - CCD

Phorid Fly on Honey Bee

The parasitic Phorid fly may hold the key to understanding the sudden loss of honey bees around the world. Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) is the name given to the mysterious cause of bees disappearing from their hive. Part of the difficulty in pinning it down is the wide variety […]

Collingwood, Ontario - Shipping Past and Honey Present

This beautiful area of Ontario on the southern shores of Georgian Bay, about a 2 hour drive north of Toronto, was a great place to spend Easter. Staying in a comfortable condo just outside of Collingwood offered us a central location for exploring the area. The condo was courtesy of my mother who traded in […]