Honey from Spain

Spain has a well organized agricultural marketing and utilizes the EU PDO/PDI certification system.

All Honey Regions in Spain

PDO/PDI Certified Honey Regions in Spain

Granada EU PDO Status

Spain Honey

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    • Elizebeth E. Veghte

      I’m an American in Portugal. Portugal’s honey’s need to be investigated further. This country is a major supplier of Chestnuts to Europe as well as Italy and others.
      When I was in Budapest, Hungary a few years ago, I tried a honey made of the rapeseed plant. Rapeseed oil, is naturally so acidic it can’t be eaten. A hybrid was created in Canada, and thus we have Canola oil, a trade name used for the hybridized rapeseed plant.
      Anyway, this plant grows all over northern Europe, and plenty of it is in Germany. The white, creme honey has alkalne properties and if someone has heartburn, one tsp to a Tbs will relieve acid indigestion. I’ve tried it and it works. It does taste a bit medicinal, but it’s worth looking into. This honey would have to be harvested from the northernmost regions of the US where rapeseed grows. 🙂

    • Hi Elisabeth:

      I agree, both Portugal and Spain have well developed honey industries and many protected varieties.

      Canola honey crystallizes quickly, so it is commonly produced in a creamed version in Canada. It is mild and delicious.


    • Nahim

      Hi Scott .
      I’ve been eating honey for over 15yrs , and just wanted to know can someone really tell what is raw unpasteurised honey just by look and taste or does it have to be lab tested. I have found Sidr honey to be the best honey in the world but very expensive and even when you pay a lot for a small amount you don’t know if you are getting real or fake honey . Finally does raw honey always crystallize to prove it is raw , I’ve had raw honey that’s stored in cupboards that has never crystallized.
      Thank You

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