Abruzzo Honey

Abruzzo – ‘Il miele dell’Abruzzo’

Its western border is less than 50 miles due east of Rome. Comprised of the rugged Majella Mountains, the Gran Sasso d’Italia (the great stone of Italy)—the highest peak in the Appenines, Abruzzo national parks and ancient medieval villages. It is a region of large parks, a rich network of nature reserves; a destination for nature lovers. It is rarely visited by tourists which nevertheless offers a rich repertoire of robust mountain dishes and an abundance of seafood specialties. It has an ancient tradition of beekeeping, producing up to 15% of all honey in Italy, rare honeys of note include the Savory honey, Sideritis honey and Mullein or Verbasco honey. For the food lover there is a unique event, the Panarda, a gastronomic rite offering up to 50 courses.
Home to the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park, one of the largest protected areas in Europe, it covers 370,000 acres (150K hectares) and carries with it a rich tradition of agriculture and local products such as saffron, beans, cicerchie (wild chickpeas) and the legumes of L’Aquila area, marroni chestnuts and farro medio (spelt) from Laga, meat, ventricine (pork product), cheese, honey, and other niche products.

Honey Cities:

Ortona dei Marsi (L’Aquila)
Roccascalegna (Chieti)
City of Tornareccio, Chieti (CH), Italy

  • Forest Honeydew – ‘Miele di bosco’ (from Metcalfa pruinosa)
  • Horehound – ‘Miele di marrubio’ (Marrubium vulgare L.)
  • Mullein (aka Great Mullein) – ‘Miele di verbasco’ (Verbascum spp.)
  • Sainfoin Certified Traditional Food of Italy – ‘Miele di lupinella’ (Onobrychis viciifolia Scop.)
  • Savory (aka Abruzzi Thyme Honey) Slow Food Icon Certified Traditional Food of Italy – ‘Miele di santoreggia’ (Satureja montana L.)
  • Sideritis – ‘Miele di stregonia’ (Sideritis syriaca)
  • Sunflower Certified Traditional Food of Italy – ‘Miele di girasole’ (Helianthus annuus L.)
  • Sulla (aka Italian sainfoin, French honeysuckle. Sweetvetch) Certified Traditional Food of Italy – ‘Miele di sulla’ (Hedysarum coronarium L.)
  • Wildflower, Mountain Wildflower – ‘Millefiori, Millefiori di montagna’

Other honeys:

  • Acacia Certified Traditional Food of Italy – ‘Miele di acacia’ (Robinia pseudoacacia L.)
  • Alfalfa – ‘Miele di erba medica’ (Medicago sativa L.)
  • Borage – ‘Miele di borragine’ (Borago officinalis)
  • Honey Rocket (aka Sanacciola) – ‘Miele di ruchetta o sanacciola’ (Cruciferae)
  • Oak Honeydew – ‘Melata di quercia’ (Quercus robur, Q. petraea, Q. pubescens) (Insects: Lachnus iliciphilus, Lachnus roboris, Tuberculatus annulatus, Thelaxes dryophila)
  • Thorn (aka Christ’s Thorn, Jerusalem Thorn) – ‘Miele di marruca’ (Paliurus spina-christi)
  • Witch Grass – ‘Miele di erba strega’ (Labiatae)

Certified Traditional Food of Italy PAT – Honey certified as a Traditional Italian Food.
Slow Food Icon Honey identified and cataloged by the Arc of Taste (Slow Foods)

Resources and Further Reading

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Italian – Tourism: Province of L’Aquila, Abruzzo Region, Italy

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  • Hi Carlos:

    It sounds very interesting. Do you have honey-based or beekeeping-based experiences in Italy? Perhaps with local farmers?


  • Hi Scott, sorry for the late reply from FYI: Yes, we do have!

    We are ending the legal procedures to be on line in september and yes, we can bring you to local producers!

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  • Russ

    Next summer my father and me will be traveling to the Abruzzi region where my father is from. I am a beekeeper in Vermont, here in the States and would love to spend some time with a local beekeeper if possible. Is it possible to connect with someone there and spend some time learning about their operation etc? Thanks!


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