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  • Warren Grace

    My ten year old son is going to start marketing the honey from ‘his’ two backyard hives. We have about ten gallons of honey in storage; some June harvest, some August harvest and a lot crystallized. Honey is raw, and unblended. In your travels, could you direct us to some appealing label designs online and sources to produce labels? Also could you help out on pricing? I’m thinking to have him package in mason jars of 8 oz., 16 oz and 32 oz. What’s fair? We live in a suburb where folks would be willing to pay a premium.

    thanks, Warren in StL

  • Wow, awesome results so far! I am very impressed. The crystallization is testament to the pureness of the honey.

    Here is a swarm of label ideas.

    I think you might emphasize the location of your honey source, “St. Louis Honey”. Also, why not let your son or artistically inclined friend to simply draw one of the melliferous flowers that grows nearby. Then incorporate this into the label.

    In Paris, one person with hives in the city calls his honey, Miel béton or “Concrete Honey.” It has become quite famous.

    The price of honey is going up. The wholesale rate is around $5.50 per pound (1 pound honey = 16 oz honey). I just bought a 12 oz jar of Acacia honey from Italy for $19 at Zingermans Deli in Ann Arbor MI and a 17.6 oz jar of Orange Blossom Sicilian honey there for $17.

    Suggested Pricing:
    8oz: $8
    16oz: $14
    32oz: $26

    Most Americans prefer un-crystallized honey, so the prices may need to be a little lower. You can un-crystallize your honey by gentle heating (the honey should not be brought warmer than 95 degrees) and this should stay liquid for several weeks.

    I hope this helps!


  • Bee Loved

    I have given a jar of hoeny to each of my neighbors in return for their promise not to use RoundUp or other such poisons. Sometimes better thatn getting a small amout for such a precious jewel from our bees.

  • Bee Loved

    I have just joined your site – love what I see so far

  • Dear Sirs
    You don’t have permission to reproduce the ApiNews information, see terms of use. Also you’re infringing legal regulations about.
    Please get out of your site all loaded information
    You’re legally informed
    Your very truly

  • Hi Analia:

    As I responded to your email on March 11, but didn’t receive a reply, perhaps you will see this?

    I am happy to remove your news feed from Honeytraveler.com. I thought I was operating within the spirit of your news feed. All article summaries link back to your site and it is given clear attribution. I don’t believe I have misrepresented your information, but upon translating your terms of use to English I see that I require authorization to display news from apinews.com

    Therefore I respectfully request authorization to use the APINEWS.COM news feed as it is used today. Honeytraveler.com is not a commercial site and exists simply for people interested in honey.


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