The Marshes Honey

The Marches – ‘Il miele delle Marche’

(see Marche Tourism)
Types of Honey:

  • Acacia – ‘Miele di acacia’ (Robinia pseudoacacia L.)
  • Alfalfa – ‘Miele di erba medica’ (Medicago sativa L.)
  • Chestnut – ‘Miele di castagno’ (Castanea sativa Mill)
  • Citrus – Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit – ‘Miele di agrumi’ (Citrus spp.)
  • Clover – ‘Miele di trifoglio’ (Trifolium spp.)
  • Fir Honeydew (Spruce & Fir) – ‘Melata d’abete’ (Fir: Abies alba and Red Spruce: Picea excelsa) (Insects: Cinara costate, C. piceae, Physokermes hemicryphus)
  • Forest Honeydew – ‘Melata di bosco, Melata di metcalfa’ (Insect: Metcalfa pruinosa (Say))
  • Sainfoin – ‘Miele di lupinella’ (Onobrychis viciifolia Scop.)
  • Sunflower – ‘Miele di girasole’ (Helianthus annuus L.)
  • Thyme – ‘Miele di timo’ (Thymus spp.)
  • Oak Honeydew – ‘Melata di quercia’ (Quercus robur, Q. petraea, Q. pubescens) (Insects: Lachnus iliciphilus, Lachnus roboris, Tuberculatus annulatus,Thelaxes dryophila)
  • Rocket Honey (aka Sanacciola) – ‘Miele di ruchetta o sanacciola’ (Cruciferae)
  • Thorn (aka Christ’s Thorn, Jerusalem Thorn) – ‘Miele di marruca’ (Paliurus spina-christi)
  • Birdsfoot Trefoil – ‘Miele di ginestrino’ (Lotus corniculatus)
  • Willow Honeydew – ‘Miele di melata di salice’ (Insect: Tuberolachnus salignus, from Salix spp.)
  • Wildflower Honey

Certified Traditional Food of Italy PAT – Honey certified as a Traditional Italian Food.
Slow Food Icon Honey identified and cataloged by the Arc of Taste (Slow Foods)
Resources and Further Reading

Official Marches Regional Website

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