Aosta Valley Honey

Aosta Valley – ‘Miele Valle d’Aosta’

Is a mountainous autonomous region in north-western Italy. It is bordered by France to the west, Switzerland to the north and the region of Piedmont to the south and east. Honey is produced from blooms in late spring-summer with the predominant use of the technique of moving the hives to higher altitudes (above 1,200 meters) for the mountain flowers. Three High Mountain honeys from the Alpines are, fir honeydew, rhododendron and wildflower. Wildflower mountain honey, a multifloral honey collected from the flowering meadows and mountain pastures, at high altitude, can contain more than 30-35 of botanical species. The three High Mountain Honeys are recognized by the Arc of Taste Slow Food Icon.

Honey City:
Châtillon, Aosta, Italy (Home of the Honey Festival of Châtillon (Sagra del miele di Châtillon [English]) in October.)

  • Chestnut Certified Traditional Food of Italy – ‘Miele di castagno, Mi de tsatagni’ (Castanea sativa Mill)
  • Dandelion – ‘Miele tarassaco (Dente di Leone)’ (Taraxacum officinale Web)
  • Fir Honeydew (Spruce & Fir) Slow Food Icon – ‘Miele di melata d’abete’ (Fir: Abies alba and Red Spruce: Picea excelsa) (Insects: Cinara costate, C. piceae, Physokermes hemicryphus)
  • Lime Tree (aka Linden or Basswood) – ‘Miele di tiglio’ (Tilia spp.)
  • Rhododendron Slow Food Icon Certified Traditional Food of Italy – ‘Miele di Rododendro, Mi de framiellò’ (Rhododendron spp)
  • Wildflower Mountain Honey Slow Food IconCertified Traditional Food of Italy – ‘Miele della Valle d’Aosta Millefiori di montagna’ (Tasting Notes: Color from light to dark amber, floral scent sometimes stronger, fruity, floral aroma with tones. (Characterized by legumes; Rosaceae – wild strawberry, dog rose, wild cherry, plums; Ericaceae – bilberry, cranberry, St. Johnswort; Fagaceae – beech tree family; Boraginaceae – borage; Umbelliferae and Polygonaceae – mountain sorrel; in varying percentages and not always simultaneously present)

Other Honey:

  • Raspberry – ‘Miele di lampone’ (Rubus idaeus)
  • Bramble (aka Honey Bush)- ‘Miele di rovo’ (Rubus spp.)

Certified Traditional Food of Italy PAT – Honey certified as a Traditional Italian Food.
Slow Food Icon Honey identified and cataloged by the Arc of Taste (Slow Foods)

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