Exercise and Honey

The next time you prepare for a game or workout, consider honey for fueling your muscles and liver. It is a near optimal source of glucose, the primary fuel of the muscles during exercise.

2 comments to Exercise and Honey

  • Carlos

    What is the best honey for energy

  • Hi Carlos:

    I am not sure exactly what you are asking. There isn’t that much difference between honeys from a purely caloric point of view. Some honey has less water so it would have more calories per ounce. Some honey has different ratios of fructose to glucose. Quickest to metabolize/utilize? What kind of energy requirement-endurance or burst? Are you looking at healthful properties, such as mineral and phytonutrient content? Since I am not sure what is important to you, I am going to take your question literally. I think you are asking which would provide the most energy per ounce or gram as the case may be. And the answer is that there isn’t much difference between honeys, assuming that we are comparing actual 100% honeys (not some honey product). A normal energy value is 4 calories per gram, so one tablespoon of honey contains approximately 17 grams of carbohydrates and 64 calories (kcal).

    If you provide me with a little more information I can elaborate.


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