Senators Urge FDA to Adopt Honey Identity Standard

As the latest champions in the ongoing action that began in 2006, U.S. Senators Kirsten Gillibrand and John Hoeven called on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to implement a national standard of identity for honey. New York Senators Call for National Honey Identity Standard

The American Beekeeping Federation, along with the American Honey Producers, National Honey Packers and Dealers, Sioux Honey, and Western States Honey Packers and Dealers associations has been petitioning the FDA to adopt a proposed honey identity standard similar to the Codex Standard for Honey (adopted by the United Nations food and agriculture organization and the World Health Organization), since 2006, but the FDA has not acted. Florida and California have adopted a standard and Wisconsin is in the final stages of adopting a voluntary honey certification standard.

Without a standard of identity, honey that we buy may or may not be made entirely from honey. This will protect consumers and beekeepers alike by stopping deceptive manufacturing processes of other countries as well as raising the bar for our own production, increasing the quality and therefore the value of this important natural food.

Sale of honey and Wisconsin certified honey; rules, prohibitions. Statute: 100.187 (Updated here 1-30-2013)
Standard of Identity as adopted in Florida (Updated here 1-30-2013)
Act to amend Section 29413 of the California Food and Agricultural Code, relating to honey.
PDF New York Standard of Identity for Honey Proposal American Beekeeping Federation Press Release
Proposed Codex Standard of Honey Submitted by the ABF

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